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  • What is your favorite new release?

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    I'm just starting the conversation.
    David Morris made his picks right here.
    What is your favorite new release and why?

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      There are a number of new releases I am especially fond of: I think Newtown's project Time Machine is killer, and I almost can't get enough of Dublin Blues and All I Was To You.

      Irene Kelley's Pennsylvania Coal is a beautiful collection of mostly original material performed with heart and soul. You Don't Run Across My Mind is the first single, a song she co-authored with the Tennessean's Peter Cooper. Irene may be thought of as a newcomer to many bluegrass broadcasters, but she's been around Music City for years, paying her dues and writing incredible songs. Give this one a deep audition...or even a second if you skimmed past it.

      Ashley Lewis is one of the most promising young artists to arrive on the scene in many years. Keep your eyes peeled for Captivated, her soon to be released second CD. I recently had the opportunity to listen to a pre-release of this project and was blown away by her delivery on virtually every key element. From songwriting, to vocals, instrumental performance and production (kudos to Jimmy Mattingly), it's all there and then some. It's not a straight ahead bluegrass project, so bluegrass broadcasters, keep an open mind. The first single River's Rising is available for download now on AirPlay Direct. A link is also provided in the weekly survey for our contributing DJ's.

      So what new projects do you like?

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    • I really like "Appaloosa Day Dream" by a western group called "The Urban Monroes," this is a very new release.
    • Charles, I don't have a copy of this CD. Any idea when it will be serviced to radio?
    • I am really digging the new Detour album, Going Nowhere Fast, and Darren Nicholson's Things Left Undone. Look for reviews in the next week or so.
    • I like the new Rhonda Vincent only me
    • It's been out a little while now, but I also think Newtown's "Time Machine" is superb on every level.
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      I think the new release by Rhonda Vincent and Willie Nelson is a winner.
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      It is only me. The name of the album
    • I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks of the new Detour CD. Anyone?
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