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  • Album of the Week #37: The Boys From Indiana’s Atlanta Is Burning

    imageAlbum of the Week #37: The Boys From Indiana’s Atlanta Is Burning

    Few bluegrass acts have dominated the Midwest, primarily the OKI (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana) region, as The Boys From Indiana did in the late seventies. Known for their lively stage shows and strong original songs, The Boys From Indiana were one of the top festival acts of their era.

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    • Great article, Daniel….and good timing, too. Chris and I have been in the studio, this week, and have resumed work on our Boys From Indiana tribute project. We are recording and will be releasing, in chronological order, songs from each of their twelve albums and even a few that were never released by them. We have picked five songs from "Atlanta is Burning" , which are nearly completed, including "I Miss My Indiana" (sorry Grascals). Former Boys From Indiana fiddler Glen Duncan has expressed interest in working on this project. We also plan on including another former member, banjo wizard Wynn Osborne, on select tracks, as well as family members Jeff and Tony Holt and Harlan Gabbard to help with vocals. It will be a great undertaking with approximately 60 songs, which will be released in four or five CD's (about 15 at a time). Our reasons for taking on such a big project are simple….these are great songs that many fans of the newer generation of bluegrass have never heard and need to hear. We intend to keep the arrangements, instrumentation, and vocals true to the original versions….even down to using a few of the very instruments used on the original recordings. Thanks, Daniel, for the story and for helping to keep this music alive.
    • Wow I love to read about the Boys from Indy! I was lucky enough to find a sign photo of all the boys in a antique store in Lawrenceburg, In! I would love to hear Joe Mullins and Aubrey Holt sing together and reunite that Mullins/Holt connection!!
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