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    The first time I saw the Osborne Brothers perform was at Hugo, Oklahoma, in the mid-70s (I’ll spare you the “I was 2 years old at the time” joke). Before the M.C.

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    • I used to "sort of" agree with the request not to tape record or video stage shows. Except now in some cases nearly 60 years later, we so enjoy old recordings as "history", Perhaps in 50 years YOU and your band will be historic, and fans of the future will thrill to find old fashioned technology has preserved you for them. It's a tough question. I know I audio taped a lot of Ralph Stanley shows from the 1970s on, but I also bought every LP and tape Ralph put out at the same time!
    • I'm right there with you. You may recall a Keith Whitley/Ricky Skaggs reunion at the Berkshire Mountains BG Festival in 1977, with Jack Cooke, Curly Ray Cline and Terry Baucom as the band. Then Ralph Stanley came out for "White Dove" and "Lonesome River." I taped it all on a cheap Panasonic cassette recorder, and that tape became precious, and it certainly never affected my willingness to buy their music. The sad end to that story is that I lent it to a drummer (!) in Nashville and never saw it again.

      And where would we be without some of those amazing 1950s live Flatt & Scruggs (unofficial) radio recordings?

      On the other hand, I've had people come up to me at a festival and make a point of saying they weren't going to buy any CDs because "I just recorded your whole show."

    • Sorry Chris, but we may just have to have that moth story now. Great work, by the way.
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