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  • Five – Balsam Range

    imageFive – Balsam Range

    Over the past few years, North Carolina’s Balsam Range has established itself as one of the most consistent hit-producing and award-winning bands in bluegrass music. Now, coming off of the success of 2012’s Papertown (last year’s IBMA Album of the Year), the five-man group has released their fifth album, the aptly-named Five.

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    • "Five," the newest Balsam Range album is absolutely the best bluegrass album I have heard this year; and I have listened to quite a large number. And although Balsam Range has made a number of excellent albums, this one outshines their others by quite a large margin. The song selection, song writing, individual solos, harmonies, and instrumental playing are all perfect with not a single exception. This is a brilliantly, meticulously crafted piece of work that, I believe, will take its position as one of the best albums of all time. I know this is saying a lot; but it is equally true. Anyone who purchases "Five" will not be disappointed with any song.
    • Agreed. This is a great album and they just keep getting better and better. I love that they have so many lead singers. It adds a lot to have that (like Blue Highway). You just don't get tired of hearing it.
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