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  • Larry Sparks releases Bitterweeds

    imageLarry Sparks releases Bitterweeds

    Lonesome and Then Some is truly an album we’ve been waiting 50 years to hear. It’s Larry Sparks’ 50th anniversary record, and it’s coming August 5 from Rebel Records.

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    • Larry Sparks has been one of my favorite Bluegrass entertainers from the first time I ever heard him sing. His vocals are so smooth,yet powerful. He is an all time great and an exemplary ambassador for true Bluegrass music. I can't wait to get" Lonesome and Then Some"
    • Great article- and honored to have this cut with Mr Sparks

      Barbara Wilkinson
    • Larry Sparks is one of my favourite Bluegrass singers. From his CDS I learned Julie Anne, Leavin' Mobile Too, Only a Phone Call Away, Colleen Malone, The Girl I Left in Sunny Tennessee, Tennessee 1949 and Blue Virginia Blues, just to name a few.

      The band I played in from 1983 to 1992 recorded at least 4 of these songs; most of which were written by Pete Gobel and Leroy Drumm I believe.

      Gary White
      Gary White
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