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  • John Bowman exits The Boxcars


    • ...someone needs to conduct a statistical survey to see if bluegrass bands suffer more attrition than other genres. I mean, it seems like a week can't go by without a high-profile band losing a key member...does the limited instrumentation and relatively common repertoire just encourage a musical chairs-style employment market?
    • Godspeed, John! . . . you'll be sorely missed as one chapter ends & welcomed with opened arms as the next chapter continues!
    • Good for you John!!! Will be missed with the Boxcars, but fulfill your calling!
    • I like John and his talents.  At least he's being honest.  Southern Gospel and Bluegrass  bands are famous for being farm teams.  If I were a great picker or singer why would I work for someone else and only get part of the money.  I'd go out on my own too as soon as I learned the ropes.

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