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    Those of us who are attempting to make a full or part-time living in this business have been forced into a life of perpetual on line self-promotion. Even the most technology-resistant among us have had to accept this fact.

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    • I continue to have James King pop up as a suggested Facebook friend due to mutual friends (and whatever else Facebook has decided would make us Facebook friends). I can't bring myself to do it. I'd rather James remain a mythical, legend of the old time ways, then a social media connection.
    • Hey, he's my Facebook friend, and I'm glad. We've exchanged a lot of cat pictures.
    • Well, it now comes with the territory. When businesses first got fax machines ((using rolls of thermo paper at $30 a roll - please don't send junk faxes!!) it became expected to put your fax number on your letterhead. Ditto when it came to having an email address (except that you didn't HAVE to print out an email if you didn't want to). The time available to spend on the acutal performance of the business became squeezed by the time required to tend to the administrative side of the business. Lester & Earl handed off those duties to Gladys. Lacking a willing receiver of the handoff, one has to do what one has to do - to the detriment of performing the actual business (music, law, house painting, or what have you). To quote the late Walter Cronkite, "And that's the way it is!"
    • I just wish people using social media were more selective in its use. The world does not need more pictures of cats in suspenders...I'm hopeful that next week Chris will clearly explain the correct uses of social media.
    • When Jay Leno gave us some hope about this situation, he explained that Twitter and Facebook were going to merge allowing persons to waste their time more efficiently on only one site named "TwittFace." The name does suggest possible images for caricatures.
    • Chris:
      A cleverly disguised piece that shows wisdom. We old timers used to call this 'keeping up with the Jonses'.
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