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  • Do you write on one instrument?

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    Do you write on one instrument?  

    Here is something that I think is profound and I am sure most of you have encountered
    as a truth at one time or another.

    I read a very interesting discussion by Tom Waits. 

    Over the years, he deliberately learned to play some rather unusual instruments to expand his writing.  He brought to light that your fingers tend to go to familiar places on instruments that you are comfortable playing and that limits your  ability to explore and expand your creativity. He rarely writes songs on a piano or guitar anymore. Love him or not, you cannot deny his creative ability. 

    Here is an excellent tune to add to your repertoire, set list, or just to lay on your jam buddies.
    It is a tune you probably have never heard before.  It is among Tom Waits earliest recordings and with just a nudge this could be a superb bluegrass tune. 

    One small piece of word substitution could make it suitable for all audiences, but that would take the barb off the hook wouldn't it. The song is strong enough to hold up to that.
     I only found one cover of this song and that was a country style version by Nora O'Connor.


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