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  • George Shuffler laid to rest

    imageGeorge Shuffler laid to rest

    This report (and photos) from George Shuffler’s funeral service yesterday comes from Becky Johnson, host of The Bluegrass Breakdown Show. It airs Wednesdays from 2:00-4:00 p.m. (ET) at wcomfm.org.

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    • What a wonderful service it was! I was honored that Sue and the family asked me to play a song and say a few words. George and his family are life-long friends. Ron made us all laugh and cry and all who played paid great tribute to my old friend. Becky's account of the service is beautiful, though the inclusion of the photo of my old pal in repose creeps me out a little. I'd rather remember him as the vibrant, mischievous man he was.

      Jack Lawrence, journeyman guitarist
    • Thanks, Becky, for your unique account of the service. However, I just wanted to invite you and the many readers to venture beyond the rolling foothills where we find the delightful community of Valdese. The only thing that isolates Valdese is I-40! You had left the Piedmont by only the distance traveled in Burke Co! The mountains of NC extend about 200 miles beyond and there really are some rather isolated areas nowhere near an interstate highway. I doubt I was the only person somewhat disoriented by the misnomer.
    • I appreciate the well-written, respectful report very much. But I guess I'm an old-fashioned New Englander -- I've never experienced photos of the deceased in repose in the casket, that gave me pause. But all in all, it was a good report.
    • Unfortunately, some Shuffler family members were not pleased to see this report, thinking it an invasion of privacy. Sue had given an OK to photograph and cover the service, and we went with her permission.

      Perhaps the photo of George in repose should be removed?
    • I think it an extreme invasion of privacy to show the open casket. Just plain rude.
    • edited April 2014
      That photo has been removed. Eric Shuffler called and was very upset about its inclusion, saying that the whole family was as well.

      My apologies to the family. No disrespect was intended. Indeed, we at Bluegrass Today sought only to honor George, and are very sorry to have added to the family's grief at his loss.

      I was raised in a tradition where open casket photos were common. I admit that they can be a bit creepy, but it is clear that some were deeply offended by seeing it posted.

      So very sorry about that.
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