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  • George Shuffler: A Career Overview

    Born in Valdese, North Carolina, on April 11, 1925, George Saunders Shuffler was a very significant creative force in the bluegrass music world.

    Shuffler is best known for his association with the Stanley Brothers and the Clinch Mountain Boys, and later Ralph Stanley, for popularizing the cross-picking style of guitar playing, and for setting a trend with his walking style of bass playing.

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    • The first time I saw Ralph in 1970, he had Curly Ray, a brand new Roy Lee Centers, and to our delight, George on bass and guitar. This was in the Armory in Brewer Maine! Wow, what an impact, and George was the sparkplug without question. As flashy as Curly Ray was, George out-did him. EVERY time I saw George, on stage or off, he was enthusiastic about bluegrass, mountain and gospel music, and you could tell he was just all eat up to pick and sing. At Clinch Mt. Boys reunions, when George got done playing some gutiar, he would SEIZE the bass fiddle out of ol' Jack Cooke's hands with an evil grin and POUR IT ON. George really earned every accolade he's been offered. You listen to those old LPs and CD box sets now and his contributions are still astounding.
    • You glossed over really many chapters of Mr. Shuffler's life with The Family Band. His songwriting is an amazing part of him. "When I Receive My Robe and Crown" remained on the Gospel music charts for 11 months. The group performed for countless thousands and had fans world wide. They recorded 7 albums for Rebel Records and they still stand the test of time. The group was top tier among Southern Gospel bands. George told me more than once the time spent singing with his girls and Dude were his best times making music. He was so very proud of them and rightly so.
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