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  • Who's your biggest influences on your banjo playing?

    I've been playing banjo for close to 10 years now (I don't get to play it as much as I'd like, cause I play guitar in the band I'm in and we already have an awesome banjo player!).  My biggest influence on my banjo playing would be my father, Charles McCormick.  He was playing banjo before I was born (in the 70's) and I loved to hear him play up until the day that he died.   He left me his banjo and I taught myself to play using his old Earl Scruggs instructional book. 

    As far as other banjo players go, obviously Earl Scruggs was an influence on me.  I love hearing him play Sally Ann and other songs like Flint Hill Special, Ground Speed. 

    Bill Emerson is another HUGE influence on my banjo playing, probably a close second to my father.  His banjo playing when he was with the Country Gentlemen is so incredible.  I think the thing I like most about his playing are the little things he does - like pull offs, that he uses.

    Terry Baucom would be the other banjo player who has influenced my playing.  With Terry, he definitely has the "drive" that all of us wish we could have!  It's hard to narrow down just one thing that I like best about his playing, but if I had to I would say (other than his hard driving style) is that he doesn't try to over play anything.  He knows how and when to put in just the right notes.

    Okay everyone....  now it's your turn...   who are your biggest influences on  your banjo playing?


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