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  • George Shuffler passes

    imageGeorge Shuffler passes

    Another leading light of the first generation of bluegrass artists has passed. George Shuffler, long time member of both The Stanley Brothers and Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys, passed away earlier today (4/7/14), just short of his 89th birthday.

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    • More than just his guitar playing, his up-right...and electric bass work is a model young and old try to duplicate. His vocal lines with Carter and Ralph and then later The Shuffler Family Band a key to the sounds. It seems if everyone is forgetting his songwriting. He has some of the very, very best Gospel songs recorded. George is as important to music as Earl Scruggs, Jimi Hendrix or even Michael Jackson. He just never got the recognition. We folks in The Choir know, but outside the Bluegrass World he still is a relative unknown. The stories that man could tell about the early days would have filled two books. Rest in Peace Brother George.
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